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AP Student record 2018/19 (C18054): Notification of Changes

The following information outlines the changes to the AP student record that will be implemented for 2018/19. The full technical specification will be published in September 2018. 

Change to description and notes for Instanceperiod.HEAPESPOP

The Office for Students has advised HESA that HEAPES will not be undertaken in the 2018/19 reporting year.  The HEAPESPOP field will instead be used in C18054 to help monitor student number controls and so the description and guidance notes will be updated to reflect this in the coding manual.

Removal of valid entry - Qualification awarded (QUAL) code *91
Codes 91 (L91, M91, H91, I91) in the qualification awarded (QUAL) field are being removed for C18054.  This change also aligns with the Student Record.  These codes were previously used to record the qualifications of visiting/exchange students, however visiting/exchange students should now be coded with the appropriate qualification code that reflects the award they receive.

There are no other changes currently planned for C18054.

Supplementary Change – April 2019

Change to coverage for Instanceperiod.HEAPESPOP

The HEAPES survey is not taking place in the 18/19 reporting year and the Office for Students have confirmed that they will no longer use the HEAPESPOP field. Consequently HEAPESPOP will be made optional for the 2018/19 AP Student return (C18054). HEAPESPOP will be removed from the 2019/20 C19054 AP Student collection.

The coverage for the field will be changed to ‘Optional for all students’ and the notes updated to reflect this change in requirement.

The coding manual will be updated in due course to reflect this change.