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Finance record 2016/17 (C16031): Annual review

Finance record 2016/17 (C16031): Notification of changes

This notification summarises the changes to the Finance record for 2016/17. This has come as a result of consultation with BUFDG and HESA’s statutory customers following a review of the 2015/16 Finance return. Updated guidance for the coming return will be available upon the first issue of the coding manual due soon.

Changes to the Finance template - October 2017 update

  1. For Tables 1, 2, 3, 4 and 10 on the Finance template HESA will prepopulate the data returned by each provider in 2015/16.  Providers will be able to reinstate figures from last year and override the figures returned.  The prepopulated templates will be available from the data collection system when the system opens in September.
  2. Table 1 on the Finance template has been amended to allow providers to input directly without having to input values into Table 7 and 8 first of all. Validation will be in place to ensure consistency between figures returned in Tables 1, 7 and 8.
  3. Table 1 - Head 1f –  Total income before donations and endowments, this has been removed as it is no longer required under the SORP.
  4. Table 1 - Head 13 wording updated to Change in fair value of hedging financial instrument(s) plus foreign currency translation from Hedging Financial instrument(s).
  5. Table 1 - a new Head 14 - Miscellaneous types of other comprehensive income has been added, the new line will allow providers to return other comprehensive income.  There is also a free text box to add comments.
  6. Table 3 - Analysis sheet - Scotland - the table now remains the same as in C15031.
  7. Table 4 - Head 3c - validation has been amended so that providers can now return a positive figure.
  8. Table 4 - Head 6 'Other' line - has been added under Cash flows from financing activities.  There is also a free entry text box for providers to enter their reasons for returning this.  A reason must be entered if a value is returned in this head.
  9. Table 5 - Head 6 Balance of Research related deferred capital/revenue grants has been removed from the template as this was only required for C15031.
  10. Table 6 - Tuition Fees (for Wales only) HE providers in Wales are required to split tuition fees between Wales domicile, EU domicile and Rest of UK domicile students, these are split between new regime and old regime students.
  11. Table 6 - Tuition Fees (for England only) a separate heading has been introduced for 2016/17 for the collection of fee income from EU domicile students. Please note this figure will be a single figure in the same way as is collected for non-EU domicile students.
  12. Table 6 WEDS has been added to Column source of fee for Welsh providers.
  13. Table 7 - SFA has been changed to ESFA to reflect the change in the agency's name.
  14. Table 8 Head 3bi references to Postgraduate Support Scheme have been removed from the header on the template and from the guidance. 
  15. Table 10 - the structure of the table has been amended to align with Table 1.

Change to Key Financial Indicator (KFI)

  1. KFI.7 Ratio of current assets to current liabilities ratio is currently rounded to 1 but this has been amended to one decimal place in order for it to be more meaningful.
  2. KFI.10 General funds as a % of Total income (Scotland requested) has been removed for 2016/17 at the request of the SFC.