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Finance record 2017/18 (C17031): Notification of changes

This notification summarises the changes to the Finance record for 2017/18.

Changes to the Finance template for C17031

Revision to Table 6

This has been standardised for all countries. Under agreement from the funding councils, all countries will now return information on the same categories of students. This is to ease the onward use of tuition fee data for students across different country administrations.

Northern Irish, Scottish and Welsh providers will need to differentiate between home domiciled fee-paying students versus “rest of UK” paying students.  English providers will return all UK domiciled fee-paying students together.

Welsh providers will also return data on their TNE income in a new row “Transnational education outside the UK”.

All providers will need to return information in this table for the year ended July 2017, as well as year ended July 2018.

The guidance will be updated on Table 6 to reflect these changes.

New Tables

There will be 3 new tables in C17031:

  • Table 11 – Head of Provider renumeration
  • Table 12 – Analysis of Staff Costs
  • Table 13 – Severance payments

The funding councils have stated in their Accounts direction that providers are required to include this information in their audited financial statements. This is why this data is now required in the HESA Finance Record from C17031.

The tables will be fully detailed in the release of the non-functioning table by early September 2018. There are descriptions to indicate what will be captured below.

All providers will need to return information in tables 11,12 and 13 for year ended July 2017 and year ended July 2018.

Table 11 – Head of Provider renumeration

Table 11 will detail the renumeration of a Head of Provider over the financial reporting year.  Providers should return data on all Heads of Providers who have been in post during the financial reporting year. 

Table 12 – Analysis of Staff Costs

Table 12 will provide information on the costs of staff, including the Average Staff Number (FTE), as disclosed in provider accounts. English, Welsh, and Northern Irish providers will also need to provide the renumeration of staff who earn £100,000 or over. This will be recorded by staff headcount in £5,000 pay bandings. The requirement of this data in these bandings is due to the statements in the OfS accounts direction. Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh accounts directions require bandings of £10,000. For comparability purposes, both HEFCW and Department for the Economy NI (DfENI) would however like providers to complete the £5,000 bandings in the Finance record. The SFC has confirmed that Scottish institutions do not need to complete this section.

Table 13 – Severance payments

Table 13 will give information on compensation for loss of office paid to particular members of staff. The members of staff applicable will vary dependent on the country of provider. English providers will provide the compensation for loss of office paid to all staff. Northern Irish, Scottish and Welsh providers will only state compensation paid to staff earning £100,000 or more and, for Scottish institutions, any severance packages over £100,000. All countries will state compensation for loss of office paid to the head of provider. Providers will provide figures on loss of office paid at the provider, and in a separate row at any of the provider's parent or subsidiary undertakings or any office(s) connected to the provider's affairs. Providers will state the total amount of compensation paid, and the number of people to whom this was paid.

Providers can view the relevant Accounts direction through the below links (Providers in DfENI can contact the Department for a copy directly):

Office for Students – Accounts direction
HEFCW – Accounts direction
Scottish Funding Council – Accounts direction


Supplementary Change – October 2018 – English providers only

Table 12 – Analysis of Staff Costs

Head 3 – Remuneration of higher paid staff will need to be collected as FTE number of staff, rather than Headcount.  This is for English providers only, as per the Accounts Direction.  Welsh and Northern Irish providers will state the headcount number.  There will therefore be two columns, one for headcount number and one for FTE number.  Head 3 remains not required for Scottish providers. This change will be visible in the functioning template, which will be available in mid-October.  The non-functioning template will not be updated.