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Initial Teacher Training 2019/20 (C19053): Notification of Changes

This document summarises the changes to the Initial Teacher Training (ITT) record that will be implemented for 2019/20.
The change to the ITT record includes two codes in the INITIATIVES field.
These new codes are:
- Transition to Teach
- Now Teach
These INITIATIVE codes can be returned when QLAIM = postgraduate qualification (codes 020, 021 or 031) and ENTRYRTE = School Direct Tuition Fee or School Direct Salaried.
The introduction of these new codes will highlight which students are on these new schemes as a route into teaching. This will help to ensure correct financial payment of bursaries and top-ups by the DfE.
Replacing JACS with HECoS
A new subject coding system – the Higher Education Classification of Subjects (HECoS) – has been developed to replace the JACS system. This has been implemented for the academic year 2019/2020.
The fields which will use the new HECoS framework are as follows:
- SBJCA - Subject of ITT course
- DEGSBJ - Previous degree subject
HESA have worked closely with the Department for Education (DfE) and have confirmed a mapping document which providers must use to determine which codes need to be allocated to their ITT course.
The guidance for these two fields will be amended to reflect the move to HECoS.
Change to length of email retention by the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA)
The TRA currently receives email address data from the Student collection and retains this information until trainee teachers are awarded qualified teacher status (QTS). For C19053 onwards, the TRA will instead retain email address data until a newly qualified teacher (NQT) completes their statutory induction year.
The data will only be used if a trainee does not provide the TRA with a personal email address. Additional guidance will be added to the NQTEMAIL field to reflect this change.
Addition to guidance in DISALL and DISABLE fields
Additional guidance has been added to the DISABLE and DISALL fields to clarify that providers are expected to collect information on student disability and Disabled Students’ Allowance on an annual basis.