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Contact details

These are our responses and clarifications to issues raised in our consultation about the collection and maintaining of contact details for graduates.

I foresee challenges in keeping updated and extensive alumni contact details - is there a way their ULN or national insurance number could be used to match/track students?

We will capture an identifier, such as HUSID, in the specification for the contact details. We do not currently anticipate being able to use this or other unique identifiers to provide updated contact details.

Will the target data for the DLHE population be given to providers?

Yes, this will continue to be produced for providers, in order that they can provide contact details for these groups.

Will we get names of the students whose contact details have expired?

We will only be able to share updated or expired contact details with a provider if the graduate consents to this. We plan to ask graduates this question at the end of the survey.

The implications of the new General Data Protection Regulation need to be considered – if graduating students have opted out of further communications with us as an alumnus, how can we legitimately provide their contact information for DLHE purposes?

We are conducting a privacy impact assessment to understand the impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Contact details you collect for the NewDLHE survey will not be collected on the basis of consent, and so a student cannot opt out of their contact details being provided to HESA. You will need to have your own notices for how you use graduate’s contacts details for your purposes. Graduates will need to be given the option to opt out of any of these provider own uses.

How do HESA plan to incentivise institutions maintaining contact detail information this far after graduation?

The survey will remain a statutory requirement, therefore providers will be required to return this data to HESA. However, we understand the challenge this will present to providers and we will do our upmost to work with the sector to minimise this burden on providers.

Will providers need to provide graduate contact details to the supplier four times per year, or once per year?

Providers will be able to supply updated contact details before each survey point.