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Linked data

These are our responses and clarifications to issues raised in our consultation around data supply and publications.

We are working with the Department for Education on the legal restrictions placed on this individualised data. More detail will be published throughout the implementation phase.

We will continue to keep opportunities for new linked data under review; however we are unlikely to develop new mechanisms for the first year of implementation (2017/18).

Linked data will not be incorporated within the raw survey data dashboards, but incorporated within the publications of the processed data. The STATUS field will be redesigned to take account of the new methodologies.

As linked data which is provided will be administrative data, this will take priority. However we will avoid duplication of collection by not asking graduates questions in the survey which can be supplied using linked data.

The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act (2015) allowed for this data linking, for educational evaluations. There are strict restrictions on the uses of this data within that remit.

Salary data is not currently used in league tables. It is at individual university's discretion which courses they run.