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Staff record 2015/16 (C15025): Annual update - Initial responses

We are currently undertaking an annual update of the Staff record (C15025).

This document is an update mid-way through the process. Final outcomes will be published in a ‘Summary of changes’ document during May 2015.

We released a ‘request for comments’ survey – an open-ended questionnaire to gather feedback on the staff record in December 2014. From 26 responses in total, we received 19 requests to investigate the possibility of making changes to the record.

We can give feedback on progress against some of the matters raised with us. On others, we need to ask for additional information from respondents.

Our Statutory Customers also have a right to request amendments. None have been received to date, but any changes made in respect to statutory requirements will be incorporated in the May ‘Summary of changes’.


One HE provider requested additional guidance in this field to improve consistency of data on academic employment functions across the sector. We will shortly add some additional text to this field to assist providers.


A few providers raised with us the requirement for making the data labels for academic teaching qualifications in ACTCHQUAL more specific. This raised discussions internally about whether for ACTCHQUAL the valid entries need to be reconsidered more substantially. It was decided that this would be taken forward to the next major review of the Staff record. Where providers have a specific query about classifying a staff member, they should contact us by email or on 01242 211144.


One provider requested a new valid entry was added to these fields of ‘Prefer not to say’. After discussion it was agreed that for the purposes of the data use, the current valid entries (‘Not known’ and ‘Information refused’) sufficed. However we are looking into offering providers a template exit survey for staff, and this is the subject of a question in the consultation.


One provider recorded difficulties in mapping SOC codes to staff members. However as SOC was only recently added to the Staff record, it was agreed that no changes should be made as providers have only recently had to recode all Staff members. This should also become easier over future collections as providers become more used to SOC coding.

Removal of atypical non-academic staff

This item was originally raised at the post-implementation review, and agreed to be postponed until C15025. Removing atypical non-academic staff from the coverage of the record will reduce the complexity that providers find in returning these staff members.


One HEI requested that the PREVHEI list (for gathering the previous HEI at which staff were employed) should be expanded to comprise both the current and previous names of HEIs. In order to avoid extensively long valid entries, as well as confusion around merged institutions, we have decided that this will not be implemented, and PREVHEI will remain as at present, a list of current HEIs. A separate but related query was the potential for inclusion of Alternative providers. We are seeking guidance from Statutory Customers regarding this issue.