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Staff Record 2018/19 (C18025) Supplementary Notification of Changes

To assist with the return of REF2021 we are making the following change to the description in the definition of overseas staff in the coverage, which will mean that some overseas staff will be eligible to be included in the coverage for the Staff return. 

"Staff record data is collected in respect of those staff employed by a UK provider. Staff employed wholly overseas, for example those working at overseas campuses, who are not on the payroll of a UK HEP, must not be included in the record. Where a staff member is employed part of their time in the UK and the remainder overseas the record returned should reflect only the time they are employed in the UK. However, where the time abroad is part of their normal UK-based employment, the staff member’s FTE should not be reduced to reflect time spent abroad. Staff employed by a UK HEP and based in a department or unit overseas should be returned if the primary focus of their activity is clearly and directly connected to a department or unit based in the UK."