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Initial Teacher Training record 2017/18 (C17053): Annual update - Notification of changes

This is the formal notification of changes to the ITT Record for 2017/18.

In December 2016 we released a consultation anda summary of consultation responses has been produced. Thank you to all those who responded to the consultation.

Below is a summary of all the changes that will be made to the ITT record for the C17053 return.

School Direct lead and employing schools

Two new fields will be added to the ITT return to collect data on School Direct lead and employing schools. This data has previously been collected on the HEIDMS and so is not a new data requirement.

All School Direct trainees (Student.ENTRYRTE= 02 or 03) will need to have a Lead school returned.

School Direct salaried trainees (Student.ENTRYRTE=03) will also need to have an Employing school returned.

This data will be collected in the form of URNs as it was previously on the HEIDMS.


The Student.NQTEMAIL field was added to the collection for C16053 to collect email addresses to allow the NCTL to contact trainees about their teacher record and the award of QTS. The take up of completing this field was high with 69% of providers returning email addresses for all their students and a further 11% returning for all but one student.

As indicated in last year’s notification of changes, this field will be made mandatory for the C17053 return. There will be an ‘Unknown’ option for circumstances where an email address cannot be obtained.

This data is required in order for the NCTL to contact newly qualified teachers (NQTs) to notify them of their QTS awards and advise how to access their certificates.

The email addresses will be used to request that NQTs log in or create an account on the NCTL portal at the time of QTS, and for no other purpose. The NCTL will delete the email address within three months of its supply (following the July update).

ITT students will be notified about this use of email addresses in the updated Student Collection Notice for 2017/18.


Valid entry 203 'Professional Status by assessment route only' will be removed from the Student.ITTAIM field, as assessment only routes should be returned to the NCTL directly, and not through the HESA ITT Collection.

The data requirements for assessment only routes have not changed.

Undergraduate Opt-in

The Undergraduate Opt-in was added as a valid entry in the Student.INITIATIVES field last year and it was indicated that this would be moved to the Student.ENTRYRTE field for C17053.

Student.INITIATIVES valid entry R will therefore be removed and a new valid entry added to Student.ENTRYRTE field to identify Undergraduate Opt-in students. The following valid entry will be added to Student.ENTRYRTE:

  • 09 Undergraduate Opt-in.

This change will also be implemented in the C17051 Student return.

PreviousQualification.PGCESBJ and PreviousQualification.PGCECLSS

The PreviousQualification.PGCECLSS and PreviousQualification.PGCESBJ fields will be renamed to Previous degree class (PreviousQualification.DEGCLSS) and Previous degree subject (PreviousQualification.DEGSBJ). This is to emphasise the difference in purpose between these and the EntryProfile.PGCECLSS and EntryProfile.PGCESBJ fields in the Student return. This also brings the fields into line with the other data items in the Previous Qualification entity.

This change does not affect the EntryProfile.PGCECLSS and EntryProfile.PGCESBJ fields in the Student return as the purpose of these fields has not changed.

Early Years Initial Teacher Training (EYITT)

EYITT will be removed from the coverage of the ITT record for 2017/18 as data regarding these courses should be submitted directly to the NCTL through the HEIDMS and not through the HESA ITT collection. This will result in the removal of valid entries from the Student.ENTRYRTE, Student.ITTPHSC and Student.TTCID fields, as outlined below.

EYITT courses will need to be included within the HESA Student return where they fall within the standard coverage (i.e. students registered in the reporting provider who follow courses that lead to the award of a qualification or provider credit.)

    • Student.ENTRYRTE

      The following valid entries will be removed from the Student.ENTRYRTE field:

      • 04 EYITT Graduate Entry
      • 05 EYITT Graduate employment-based
      • 06 EYITT Undergraduate Entry
      • 07 EYITT Assessment Only
      • 08 EYITT School Direct.
    • Student.ITTPHSC

      The following valid entry will be removed from the Student.ITTPHSC field:

      • 84 Ages 0-5 (Early Years).
    • Student.TTCID

      The following valid entry will be removed from the Student.TTCID field:

      • Q Early Years Initial Teacher Training.


The fields length of Student.INITIATIVES will increase to two characters for 2017/18 aligning with the Student Record to accommodate future expansion.


The following valid entries will be removed from the Student.DISABLE field

  • 02 Blind/Partially sighted
  • 03 Deaf/ Hearing impairment
  • 04 Wheelchair user/ mobility difficulties
  • 05 Personal care support
  • 06 Mental health difficulties
  • 07 An unseen disability, e.g. diabetes, epilepsy, asthma
  • 10 Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • 11 A specific learning difficulty e.g. dyslexia
  • 97 Information refused
  • 98 Information not sought
  • 99 Not known 

These codes are now only used for continuing students (those who started before 01/08/2010) and will need to be re-coded. This change is to align with the Student record.

Service Leaver Information

The addition of service leaver information to the ITT return was included within the C17053 consultation. Due to feedback from the sector indicating the significant burden of this change, this will not be implemented into the C17053 return.