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Data supply and outputs: Overview

We are committed to making available timely, high quality and impactful data about graduate outcomes.

A key feature of the open centralisation model is that we will make data available to HE providers via a near real-time stream of raw survey responses.

We will also produce the following outputs:

  • A National Statistics statistical first release
  • UK Performance Indicators on employment of leavers
  • An open data publication of survey responses and linked data
  • Experimental statistics presenting the new measures of graduate outcomes.

Information will be made available in Heidi Plus, and via our bespoke data and analysis services.

We anticipate this data will be used for a number of high-profile uses, as the current Destinations of Leavers data is. This is likely to include league tables, the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) in England, policy documents, and media commentary. We will work to increase the profile of the survey and the new 'graduate voice' measures to heighten understanding and application of the data.

Graduate outcomes: Data collected and key data outputs

Updates June 2017

We consulted on the model in March/April 2017, and published a synthesis of consultation responses. We have also published a number of responses and clarifications on points raised by respondents, including points on data supply and publication

For more information about the data supply and outputs, click here