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Second consultation (2017)

From March – April 2017, we ran a consultation to gain feedback on our new model for the collection of graduate outcomes data.

We received 187 responses, and we’d like to thank everyone who took the time to submit a response. You can view the full model we consulted on.

Synthesis of responses

 We have published our synthesis of consultation responses which provides a detailed summary of consultation responses.

Read the synthesis of consultation responses

Executive summary

The consultation responses delivered us a clear mandate to proceed to implement our model. We received strong support for our proposed survey design (over 80% in favour) and implementation plan (over 70% in favour), and solid support for the survey practicalities including the open centralisation methodology (over 60% in favour). The financial model feedback was more mixed – it received more support (34%) than opposition (24%), but the majority of respondents suggested they did not have enough information to comment.

Comments received were supportive of the direction of travel, although a number of queries and concerns were raised on aspects of the model.

Actions following the consultation

As a result of the consultation, we have taken the following actions:

  1. Commenced implementation. The consultation gave us a clear and pressing mandate to implement our new model for the collection of destinations and outcomes data. We launched the Graduate Outcomes implementation project in June 2017.
  2. Published responses and clarifications. Several issues raised in responses required comment or clarification. We have now published several sets of responses and clarifications, and would welcome further queries you may have.
  3. Referred key topics to the Graduate Outcomes steering group. We felt that several issues raised in the responses – including on response rate targets, quality standards, and provider-contractor relationships – required further input from the sector. We are therefore going to ask the Graduate Outcomes steering group, which includes representatives from across the sector, to input on these areas.
  4. Initiated a review of the proposed financial model. Respondents to the consultation requested further information on the NewDLHE financial model. We are now conducting additional analysis and will be publishing an update in the Autumn.
  5. Revise the implementation plan. Our implementation plan has been redrafted following internal planning.