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The final model

Update 03 May: Our consultation on the future of graduate outcomes data has now closed. We will be publishing the full results of this consultation in June along with details of our plans for implementation. Over the next month we are publishing responses and clarifications to some of the points raised in the consultation.

We have developed a new model for collecting information about what higher education (HE) students do after graduating.

Our proposed model will capture rich, robust and comprehensive data using a more efficient and future-proof methodology. It will also contain new questions which will redefine how we discuss successful graduate outcomes.

This model is based on an eighteen-month review which has involved extensive collaboration with experts from the HE sector and beyond. You can read more about this review here.

The final model

Note: We are currently revising this model based on feedback to our consultation. We will be publishing details of our implementation of this model in June.

You can explore this model in full (on the following webpages or as a PDF icon single pdf), or focus on the areas of most interest to you.

Our model includes:

Your feedback

Feedback on our model is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who submitted a response. We are now developing our implementation plan. We are also publishing responses and clarifications based on your feedback.