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Staff Record 2018/19 (C18025): Notification of Changes

Staff record 2018/19 (C18025): Notification of Changes

This document summarises the changes to the Staff record that will be implemented for 2018/19. Where valid entries are known they have been included. Please note the full technical specification will be published in October 2018 which will contain further detail.

The introduction of these fields for the C18025 is designed to give providers the opportunity to return this data on a trial basis in order to monitor data quality ahead of the C19025 collection, with this year’s data being used for the REF.

The REF census date and HESA reporting year are aligned to reflect 31 July.

Changes to the data collection schedule

To ensure the data is readily available in a timely fashion to support the REF we have taken the decision to move the key deadlines forward for both the C18025 and C19025 collection. The schedule for subsequent collections will be reviewed thereafter.

The new collection dates for 2018/19 will be:

  • Collection opens Tuesday 7 August 2019
  • Return date Thursday 20 September 2019
  • Commit date Friday 5 October 2019
  • Last submission Monday 29 Oct 2019
  • Sign-off  Friday 2 November 2019

New fields

  1. Introduction of Significant Responsibility ‘Contract.SIGRES’ flag. This field will record whether a member of staff is considered to have significant responsibility and will therefore be included as Category A submitted staff in the REF.

Valid entries will be:

1 – Yes

2 – No

This field will be needed for at least the 18/19 and 19/20 reporting year and is required where ACEMPFUN = 2 or 3.

2      Introduction of REF Unit of Assessment 2021 ‘Person.REFUOA2021’ field to record the Research Excellence Framework (REF) unit of assessment for staff.

3       Reinstate the Early Career Researchers field ‘Contract.ECRSTAT’. This field records the early career researcher status of staff.Guidance will map to that originally stated under

Valid entries will be:

1 – Early career researcher

                      2 – Not an early career researcher

Update to an existing entity

  1. Person.GOVERNOR to be increased to unbounded maximum occurrences to accommodate ending and starting a new Governor position within the same reporting year.

Addition of validation around ORCID

  1. Please note that ORCID will have enhanced validation this year to promote its return. This validation is likely to be a warning which triggers when the number of ORCIDs returned fall below a threshold. ORCID provides an invaluable career tracking mechanism for research students as they enter academic employment.

Please note that there will be additional quality rules to support the other changes as outlined above.