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Unistats record 2018/19 (C18061): Notification of changes

Replacement of JACS with HECoS

- Removal of Subject of course - full JACS (JACS)

- Addition of 'Subject of course - HECoS (HECOS)'

In the KISCourse Entity, the JACS framework will no longer be used to describe courses where no historical linking has been made using the HESACourse entity. In essence, this should only apply to new courses starting in the 2019 academic year, or courses which have substantially changed. Consequently, the JACS data item will be removed from the record and replaced by a new HECoS data item. Note that LDCS will remain.

HECoS will be used as it is desirable to provide consistency for prospective students particularly since UCAS will be using HECoS from May 2018 for 2019 entrants. Further details will be issued in the first coding manual release this month.