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Student record 2018/19 (C18051): Annual update

This document summarises the changes that will be implemented for 2018/19. Also available: supplementary ILR related changes to the C18051 Student record.

Changes to the Student record 2018/19

Items to be removed

Removal of Field

Statutory Customers have agreed that they no longer require this field in the Student record to align with the Alternative Provider Student record, and therefore the coding structure to collect it will be removed from the record.

Removal of valid entry - Qualification awarded (QUAL) code *91

We have undertaken investigation into the codes ending in 91 (L91, M91, H91, I91) in the qualification awarded (QUAL) field and can confirm that there is no requirement to use these codes. If visiting/exchange students gain a qualification this can be adequately and more accurately represented through other codes within the field.

Items to be added

New Field - REF unit of assessment 2021 (UOA2021)

This new field is being added into C18051 (2018/19) in preparation for REF2021.There may be additional valid entries that are different to those captured in UOA2014 however most of the principals will remain the same. More information on REF can be found here -

Please note that REF unit of Assessment (UOA2014) will not be removed for C18051. 

Addition of valid entry - INITIATIVES code Z

At the request of HEFCW, an additional code has been added into the INITIATIVES field to flag instances that are part of a HEFCW-funded degree apprenticeship scheme starting in 2018/19. This is being used to monitor uptake of the scheme, characteristics of students on the scheme, and funding and delivery.

LOCSDY S instances remaining active

Instances coded LOCSDY S (Studying abroad and included in the Student record as student has spent or will spend more than 8 weeks in the UK) do not currently appear in the expected instance population. Providers are therefore not always closing down these instances, which is leaving these students appearing as active. We would like these instances to be closed off in future, where this is applicable. Our current thinking is that in C17051 we would like to make you aware of who these students are (either through a new warning or report, or adding them to the current expected instance population), and by the end of C18051 we would like providers to have closed off any outstanding instances where students are not active any more. This is being considered to aid the migration of data into Data Futures. 

Changes to coverage statements  

Extension of CARER field coverage - applicable to Wales

At the request of HEFCW, the coverage of the CARER field has been extended to include providers in Wales. This will enable more accurate monitoring of fees and access plans for students at providers with caring responsibilities.

Changes to MOBILITY entity coverage 

After investigation into the coverage of the MOBILITY entity it has been confirmed with Statutory Customers that short-term mobility (under 4 weeks) can be optionally returned when LOCSDY = Z (At provider or a partner for the whole year). Previously short-term mobility (under 4 weeks) was captured using LOCSDY = U (Abroad for a proportion of the year), however we will put validation in place to prevent code U being returned for less than 4 weeks mobility.

C18051 ITT (NCTL) related changes

Additional Fields

SDEMPLOY and SDLEAD included/copied from ITT return

NCTL have requested that SDEMPLOY and SDLEAD be copied over from the ITT record and put into the Student record for 2018/19, to ensure that data collected in the ITT record has not altered. Therefore, these fields will be included under the Instance entity for C18051.

Removal/additions of codes

ITTSCHMS - Removal of code 2 (Student associates scheme)

The NCTL have confirmed that the Student Associates Scheme is no longer available. Therefore, code 2 (Student Associates Scheme) will be removed.

INITIATIVES - Removal of code C (Troops to Teachers)

The NCTL have confirmed that initiatives code C (Troops to Teachers) is no longer required from 2018/19, therefore the code will be removed from Instance.INITIATIVES for 2018/19.

INITIATIVES - Addition of code Y (Additional ITT place for PE with a priority subject)

From 2018/19 a new scheme will be introduced whereby providers and schools can bid for additional PE places if they are filled by students who will train in a priority subject alongside their main subject of PE. Therefore, code Y (Additional ITT place for PE with a priority subject) will be added to Instance.INITIATIVES for 2018/19. 

ENTRYRTE - Addition of code 10 (Postgraduate teaching apprenticeship)

From September 2018, the postgraduate teaching apprenticeship will be available. This is a school-led ITT route that combines paid work with on and off the job training, qualification and progression. Therefore, code 10 (Postgraduate teaching apprenticeship) will be added into Instance.ENTRYRTE to monitor this for 2018/19. 

Changes to coverage statements

ITT Placement - coverage expansion to include all Instance.ENTRYRTE codes

The NCTL have requested an update to the ITT Placement entity coverage so placements are captured for every ITT route. Therefore, the coverage for ITTplacement has been expanded to cover all Instance.ENTRYRTE codes.

Supplementary Changes

GO Wales Achieve through Work Experience – New valid entry in INITIATIVES field. *Added on 23rd May 2018*

HEFCW have requested the addition of a new INITIATIVES code to capture instances in Wales that are on work placements as part of the GO Wales Achieve through Work Experience scheme being funded by HEFCW. More information can be found on the HEFCW website here. Therefore, code 11 (GO Wales Achieve through Work Experience Scheme) will be added to Instance.INITIATIVES for 2018/19.

Institute of Coding (IoC) – New valid entry in INITIATIVES field. *Added on 18th June 2018*

OfS have requested the addition of a new INITIATIVES code to monitor students who are studying as part of the Institute of Coding (IoC) initiative. Therefore, code 12 (Institute of Coding (IoC)) will be added to Instance.INITIATIVES for 2018/19.