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Governance: Overview

The survey will be governed by a steering group. This group will implement and maintain robust governance procedures to steer NewDLHE’s development and monitor its effectiveness.

The steering group will be made up of representatives from HESA, the funding councils, HE providers, and other sector bodies. It exists to:

  • Ensure the right questions are being asked
  • Keep the methodology under review
  • Ensures graduates are not being over-surveyed
  • Help ensure standards are being met
  • Manage the process of developing and authorising optional question banks.

HESA will manage the relationship with the survey contractor, and the steering group will ensure the contractor adheres to the key performance indicators set out in the contract. HESA will retain responsibility for setting the quality assurance rules to which the data must adhere.

The steering group will also have a role in the procurement process for NewDLHE.

Updates June 2017

We consulted on the model in March/April 2017, and published a synthesis of consultation responses. We have also published a number of responses and clarifications on points raised by respondents, including points on governance and the relationship between the HE provider, the survey contractor and HESA

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