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The survey design

We have developed a survey which will gather insightful and comprehensive information about graduate outcomes.

In addition to familiar questions from our current destinations survey, NewDLHE asks new questions to provide a richer picture of the diversity of graduate outcomes and to redefine how we understand graduate success. These new ‘graduate voice’ measures capture three areas:

  • Meaningfulness or importance of the activity to the graduate
  • Skills utilisation
  • The graduate’s progress towards future goals.

The NewDLHE survey will also allow us to gather deeper insights into graduates pursuing non-traditional career paths, such as those developing creative portfolios or setting up a business.

Core and optional questions

The survey will include a core set of questions, as well as the facility for optional question banks to be asked. You can read more about optional question banks in the Methodology section. On our site we present:

Take the mock survey