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HE Business and Community Interaction Survey 2011/12

Release date: 23 May 2013

Higher education providers are embedded in the economy and communities of the UK.

This publication provides a detailed picture of interactions between UK higher education providers and businesses and the wider community. Such interactions include spin offs and start-up companies, intellectual property, consultancy, CPD, public engagement, and more

  • HE Business and Community Interaction Survey - Part A:  
  • Section 1: Strategy: Questions 1 to 8 by HE institution
  • Section 2: Infrastructure: Questions 9 to 16 by HE institution
  • Section 3: Intellectual property (IP): Questions 17 to 21b by HE institution
  • Section 4: Social, community and cultural: Questions 22 to 26 by HE institution
  • Section 5: Regeneration: Questions 27 to 28 by HE institution
  • Section 6: Education and Continuing Professional Development (CPD): Questions 29 to 33 by HE institution
  • HE Business and Community Interaction Survey - Part B:  
  • Table 1a: Income from research related activities - collaborative research involving public funding by HE institution
  • Table 1b: Research related activities - contract research by HE institution
  • Table 2: Business and community services by HE institution
  • Table 3: Income from regeneration and development programmes by HE institution
  • Table 4a: Intellectual property (IP) by HE institution
  • Table 4b: Intellectual property (IP) - spin off activities by HE institution
  • Table 5: Social, community and cultural engagement - designated public events by HE institution