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Notes to tables (revised June 2006) - Resources 2004/05

  1. The list of institutions in the HESA products for 2004/05 has changed.
    • Trinity College of Music has merged with Laban to become Trinity Laban
    • The Victoria Manchester University and UMIST have merged to form The University of Manchester
    • University of Wales College of Medicine has merged with Cardiff University
    • Thames Valley University and Reading College & School of Art and Design merged in 2003/04, and Reading data are included in HESA returns from 2004/05 onwards.
  2. The following institutions have changed their names in the HESA products for 2004/05:
    • Anglia Polytechnic University changed to Anglia Ruskin University
    • Bath Spa University College changed to Bath Spa University
    • Bolton Institute of HE changed to The University of Bolton
    • Canterbury Christ Church College changed to Canterbury Christ Church University
    • University College Chester changed to University of Chester
    • University College Chichester changed to University of Chichester
    • Falmouth School of Art and Design changed to University College Falmouth
    • Liverpool Hope University College changed to Liverpool Hope University
    • University College Northampton changed to University of Northampton
    • Southampton Institute changed to Southampton Solent University
    • The University of Wales, Registry changed to The University of Wales (central functions)
    • University College Winchester changed to The University of Winchester
    • University College Worcester changed to University of Worcester.
  3. University of London is a confederal organisation. The colleges of the university, shown separately in the HESA reference volumes, are:
    • Birkbeck College
    • Central School of Speech and Drama
    • Courtauld Institute of Art
    • Institute of Education
    • Goldsmiths College
    • Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine
    • The Institute of Cancer Research
    • King’s College London
    • London Business School
    • London School of Economics and Political Science
    • London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
    • The School of Oriental and African Studies
    • The School of Pharmacy
    • Queen Mary and Westfield College
    • Royal Academy of Music
    • Royal Holloway and Bedford New College
    • The Royal Veterinary College
    • St. George’s Hospital Medical School
    • University College London
    • (Heythrop College is also a college of University of London, but is not included in HESA statistics, as it is not publicly funded).

    In addition, the institutes within the umbrella of University of London (Institutes and activities) are:

    • University of London Institute in Paris
    • University Marine Biological Station, Millport
    • School of Advanced Study comprises:
      • Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
      • Institute of Classical Studies
      • Institute of Commonwealth Studies
      • Institute of English Studies
      • Institute of Germanic Studies and Romance Studies
      • Institute of Historical Research
      • Institute of Musical Research
      • Institute of Philosophy
      • Institute for the Study of the Americas
      • Warburg Institute.
  4. In September 2004, the ownership of Carlisle campus of The University of Northumbria at Newcastle was transferred to The University of Central Lancashire.
  5. Where comparisons are made between the latest financial year 2004/05 and the previous year 2003/04, the previous year’s figures are those reported in the re-stated financial statements.
  6. The deficit/surplus is on continuing operations after depreciation of fixed assets at valuation and before exceptional items, tax and minority interest.
  7. The funding council grants for HE provision include Scottish Further and Higher Education Funding Council (SFC) grants for all provision.
  8. The funding council grants for FE provision are not applicable to SFC.
  9. At the time of going to press, the financial figures supplied by Homerton College for the year ended 31 July 2005 were based on draft consolidated financial statements.
  10. As a result of their new legal status effective from 1 October 2006 and to be consistent with their financial accounts, the data supplied by Stranmillis University College for 2004/05 are based upon a 14 month period.
  11. During 2004-05 the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama undertook a review of the impairment of its "assets in the course of construction", which resulted in a net charge to the income and expenditure account of £422K. This may affect comparisons with data from previous years. It should be emphasised that this was a one-off transaction that had no impact upon the College's cash position nor its future financial standing.
  12. From 2004/05, the following cost centres combined: cost centres 8 and 9 combined to become 8 Pharmacy & pharmacology; cost centres 25 and 39 combined to become 25 Information technology & systems sciences & computer software engineering; cost centres 31 and 32 combined to become 31 Humanities & language based studies; cost centres 35 and 36 combined to become 35 Modern languages; cost centres 51, 52 and 53 combined to become Total academic departments. From 2004/05 cost centres 15 General science and 22 Other technologies are not valid in the Finance Record. From 2005/06 they will also be invalid for the Student and Staff data collections. Cost centre 30, formerly Librarianship, communication & media studies has been re-labelled Media studies. New cost centre groupings to reflect these changes are used for 2004/05 and are described in the Definitions.
  13. Average age was calculated on actual age (as opposed to age groups) for staff with known age.
  14. Staff whose ethnicity is not known includes those who have been coded ‘information refused’.
  15. Total academic staff includes staff whose nationality has been coded ‘not known’. (Revised June 2006)
  16. The University of Liverpool was unable to provide the gender for a small proportion of their atypical staff.
  17. The University of Winchester under-reported academic staff numbers by 20 full time equivalents.
  18. The University of Hertfordshire was unable to provide the gender for a small proportion of their atypical staff, which only provide a tiny proportion of the University's total academic activity.
  19. The University of Glasgow has returned a single contract for all staff including those with multiple contracts as the institution does not have the facility to record multiple contracts.
  20. Glasgow Caledonian University did not return data for atypical staff.
  21. Due to the particular nature of the structure of the UHI Millennium Institute, teaching and research activities are carried out by constituent partners and these staff have been returned as atypical. Non-academic staff at these partner organisations have not been returned.
  22. Queen Margaret University College did not return data for all atypical staff.
  23. The Open University was unable to complete an activity code for approximately 4,850 atypical staff contracts (80 FTE) for 2004/05. For 2003/04 the OU inadvertently classified approximately 6,500 staff as non-academic professionals instead of academic professionals. This results in the undercounting of academic staff and an overcount of non-academic staff numbers for 2003/04. This has been corrected for 2004/05 data.