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Changing and resetting your password

Resetting your password

If you have forgotten your password for our Identity System (IDS), click the 'I have forgotten my password' link on the IDS login screen.

You will then be asked to enter your email address. An email will then be sent to you containing a link to a new page, where you will be asked to answer some of your recovery questions. On successful completion of the recovery questions the password will be emailed to you.

Should you fail to answer your recovery questions correctly you will be asked to initiate an account reset. This is the only available option if you cannot recall the answers to your memorable questions. The account reset will clear down all of your personal information and delete any roles you might have previous held in IDS. Please contact the Liaison team for any account resets relating to the Data Collection system or Minerva data quality database or contact the Customer Success team for account resets relating to Heidi Plus.   

Updating your password and/or recovery information

Within the IDS, you are able to update your password and recovery information by clicking the 'Contact details' tab on the Account details page. Recovery information can then be edited through the ‘Recovery details' tab.