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Data strategy

If data is to be considered institutional wide, it must be supported by a strategy for how it is to be shared, governed and managed

There is no single strategy that will fit every institution, but these headers can be considered as a template.

  • A compelling vision for data
  • The business context of how data will be used
  • Definition of what successful execution of the strategy will look like
  • Definition of how success will be measured
  • Definition of the capabilities (people, process, data, technology) required to execute the strategy
  • Definition of the data principles to guide the strategy
  • Definition of the data architecture that will underpin the strategy
  • Definition of the data governance that will assure the strategy
  • The roles and responsibilities of those who will make it happen

The strategy should remain high level and should offer context and guidance to support decision making and impact analysis.

Below is a draft data strategy. It sets out the vision, aims and scope of managing data for an institution. It also contains a set of core principles and summarised best practice for data governance. This should be considered a reference NOT a template for your institution. A data strategy can only be effective if it is aligned to the objectives of that institution and can be relevant to all data audiences at all levels. Please get in touch if you would like help developing your strategy.