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Tariff points data


The UCAS tariff is a means of allocating points to post-16 qualifications used for entry to higher education. It was developed to allow for broad comparisons to be made about a wide range of qualifications by universities and colleges. The data is updated for each collection to include new (or updated) qualifications.

For ease of use, qualifications are identified as those whose associated points will be included in the XTPOINTS calculation, and those that will not be. Those that will not be included in the calculation are further split into those that have a known grade structure and those that do not, in order to further aid in validation. These groups can be identified through the values in the 'HESA tariff status' column as follows:

  • HESA Tarif Status 1: Qualification included in the XTPOINTS calculation
  • HESA Tarif Status 2: Qualification not included in the XTPOINTS calculation, grade structure known (included for validation purposes only)

All combinations of QUALTYPE and QUALGRADE not listed with a HESA tariff status value of '1' (including those not explicitly listed in the appendix) are assigned zero points.

This page allows users to explore the tariff data for each Student collection (yy051 / 54 and yy056) from 2017 onward.

The default view of 'tariff data' shows all the tariff records for the selected collection, the 'change log' view shows all changes between the selected collection and the previous collection.

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