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Subscription model information

HESA is funded principally by the subscriptions of the higher education providers from whom we collect data. It is either a statutory or regulatory requirement for higher education providers to subscribe to HESA to enable us collect, assure and disseminate information on your behalf.

The introduction of HERA has meant that, for English providers your HESA subscription is dependent upon your OfS category, with differing requirements depending on your registration or designation category. We refer to these as ‘Subscriber categories’.

What your HESA Subscription includes

HESA subscriptions are now made up of distinct elements:

  • A Statutory subscription – these are mandatory activities and are linked to your subscriber category.
  • A Graduate Outcomes subscription – this is a statutory activity, and mandatory for most but not all subscriber categories, it is invoiced separately.
  • A Heidi Plus fee – this is now invoiced separately and is managed by the Heidi Plus lead contact at your organisation.

For those in England and Scotland only: 

  • An Optional Services subscription– these are non-statutory requirements and although they are recommended activities, they are not necessary for you to meet your regulatory or statutory requirements. 

In all nations additional fees and charges may apply for additional activities outside of the subscription, such as a recommended training event or UKPRN linking fee. More details can be found on our ‘Fees and Charges’ page.

The following table provides an overview of the services and activities included within the HESA Subscriptions broken down by Provider type or nation. 

Product/service England
Approved (Fee Cap)
HE provider
HE provider
Northern Ireland
HE provider
Collection and assurance
Student Record Statutory Statutory Statutory Statutory Statutory
AOR Statutory Statutory Statutory Statutory Statutory
Graduate Outcomes Statutory Statutory Statutory Statutory Statutory
ITT If applicable If applicable Not required Not required Not required
Unistats Statutory Statutory Statutory Statutory Statutory
Provider Profile Statutory Statutory Statutory Statutory Statutory
Staff (academic and governors) Statutory Not required Statutory Statutory Statutory
Staff (non-academic) Optional Optional Statutory Statutory Statutory
HE-BCI Statutory Not required Statutory Statutory Statutory
Estates Management record Optional Optional Statutory Statutory Statutory
Finance record Not required (submission to OfS)* Not required (submission to OfS)* Statutory Statutory Statutory
e-learning modules Statutory
Classroom training events Recommended service**
Webinars Recommended service**
Other Services
Heidi Plus Optional Optional Optional Statutory Statutory

For information regarding the requirements for FECs and those Providers considered ‘Designation for Teach out’ or ‘Limited Designation’ please contact our Liaison team.

*Please see your regulatory notice regarding the submission of finance data to the Office for Students.

**Recommended services are charged for outside of all HESA subscriptions.

All collection and assurance activities, including liaison support, collection guidance and quality assurance processes are included within each of the above Records.

From 1 August 2019 HESA becomes fully effective as the designated data body for England. Most data collections between August 2019 and February 2020 will relate to the 2018/19 academic year. The Subscription for 2019/20 therefore spans two statutory and regulatory environments and two different subscription models will apply in this transition year. 

The following pages provide details of the subscription model covering the different items and periods: