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Bespoke training

Our bespoke training service is a convenient and cost effective way of training your staff.

We offer bespoke training packages, helping you respond to the statutory data requirements of your provider. Our bespoke training can be designed at an introductory, intermediate, or advanced level, and you can specify which aspects of the HESA data journey you would like us to focus on. Whether that is data collection, submission, data quality or governance. Our flexibility and versatility enables us to deliver all our bespoke solutions at a location of your choice.

We will:

  • Design the most suitable training for your staff, at the appropriate level
  • Work with you to choose the best date for your training
  • Recommend the duration of the training depending on your requirements
  • Provide all training materials
  • Allocate the most suitable member(s) of our team to deliver the training
  • Offer follow-up support via email
  • We will keep any data analysis we do for one month post-training in case you have any further questions

Bespoke training seminar

Whether it is providing an introduction to a record, or an advanced session on data quality, we can deliver any of our off-the-shelf packages at a location specified by you. Our training packages can be combined and tailored to meet your needs. We can provide an introduction to a record, combined with a deeper dive into your latest submission, and close the day with a look at onward use of HESA data, if this is your preference.


  • Extremely cost effective option; you save on travel and accommodation costs for your employees
  • We come to you or can deliver the training via webinar, which means minimal work disruption for your team
  • You can make sure the training is relevant to your employees
  • We will work with you to design a training programme that accommodates all your organisation’s needs.

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