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Bespoke training

Our bespoke training service is a convenient and cost effective way of training your staff.

We offer a wide range of options - from minor alterations to our scheduled training sessions to tailor-made training day(s). Our flexibility and versatility enable us to deliver all our training packages as bespoke solutions, either at your premises or any other preferred location.

We will:

  • Create the most relevant and suitable training for your organisation
  • Work with you to choose the best date for your training
  • Recommend training duration depending on your requirements
  • Provide all training materials
  • Allocate the most suitable member(s) of our team to deliver the training
  • Offer follow up support via email and telephone
  • Provide onwards training support via live webinars.

Bespoke training seminar

Whether it is training on a specific record or a Heidi Plus session, we can deliver any of our usual training packages at a suitable location at a time convenient for your team with minimum disruption. Our training packages can be combined and customised to meet your requirements. We can focus on specific areas of interest or we can help you design a bespoke programme based on topics you choose. We can review your data and, if delivering Heidi Plus training, we will analyse it againsta record(s) of your choosing.


  • Extremely cost effective option. You save on travel and accommodation costs for your employees
  • We come to you, which means minimal work disruption for your team
  • You can make sure the training is relevant to your employees
  • We will work with you to design a training programme that accommodates all your organisation’s needs.

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