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Provider constituency data

This page displays the provider data associated with the current HESA Official Statistics publication cycle.

Not all providers appear in the HESA Official Statistics publication data, for example those who submit a 'nil return' to a particular data collection (to view a list of all providers that have ever submitted data to HESA collections visit here).

Not all providers submit data to every collection.

Please note, the latest data for Graduate Outcomes and Discover Uni (formerly Unistats) collections will be based on different academic years to all other collections due to the differing time period of collection.

This page is designed to show a snapshot of providers as they appear in current HESA Official Statistics publications. It will include an archive section developing over time to provide data for previous publication years to aid historical analysis containing data from the publication period 2019/20 onward.

This page will be updated ahead of each of the first Official Statistics publications for each collection for each academic year. Please note the list of providers submitting to the Finance record will be updated twice (once ahead of the first publication and again ahead of the final publication). For more information regarding upcoming Official Statistics publications please refer to

To see a constituency for a single collection please use the constituency search feature. To view consolidated data in a machine readable format please download the appropriate CSV file from the provider data sections below.

Constituency Search

HESA collects data from providers in the following data streams:

Stream Name (Stream ID)

  • Staff (025)
  • Finance (031)
  • HE-BCI (032)
  • Provider Profile (041)
  • Estates (042)
  • Student (051)
  • Aggregate Offshore (052)
  • ITT (053)
  • Student Alternative (054)
  • GMC (055)
  • Student - Data Futures (056)
  • Discover Uni (formerly Unistats) (061)
  • Graduate Outcomes (071)

Please enter a collection ID or provider INSTID, UKPRN or part of published name below.

Enter the required collection ID to see a list of all providers associated with the collection selected. Please note that the collection ID entered should not include the 'C' prefix. E.g. to search for the 2021/22 Student constituency list enter '21051' into the search box below.

Alternatively enter the required providers INSTID, UKPRN or part of the providers published name to see a full list of constituencies the provider is associated with. Search results show the current published name of providers, for information regarding any previous names used by the provider please search for the provider's history on all HESA providers webpage where a list of all HESA providers and their INSTIDs is also available.

Please note constituency data is complete from 2014 onwards.

Enter a HESA collection ID: 

... and apply a country filter (optional):


Enter an INSTID:

or enter UKPRN:

or enter all or part of a provider's current 'published name':

Query results will display:



Collection Reference INSTID UKPRN Published Name Country Category FE Flag


For any queries please contact Liaison by email or on +44 (0)1242 388 531.