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Providers submitting data to HESA collections

This page displays the provider data associated with the current HESA Official Statistics publication cycle.

Not all providers appear in the HESA Official Statistics publication data, for example those who submit a 'nil return' to a particular data collection (to view a list of all providers that have ever submitted data to HESA collections visit here).

Not all providers submit data to every collection.

Please note, the latest data for Graduate Outcomes and Unistats collections will be based on different academic years to all other collections due to the differing time period of collection.

This page is designed to show a snapshot of providers as they appear in current HESA Official Statistics publications. It will include an archive section developing over time to provide data for previous publication years to aid historical analysis containing data from the publication period 2019/20 onward.

This page will be updated ahead of each of the first Official Statistics publications for each collection for each academic year. Please note the list of providers submitting to the Finance record will be updated twice (once ahead of the first publication and again ahead of the final publication). For more information regarding upcoming Official Statistics publications please refer to