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HE-BCI record training

Online short courses

Introduction to the HE-BCI record (C19032)

This training course is ideal for colleagues who are new to the HE-BCI record and will cover key data items, validation, submission and the onward use of HE-BCI data.

Learning outcomes:

  • Describe and interpret HE-BCI data requirements
  • Learn about the data items within the HESA HE-BCI record
  • Understand how to validate and process data on HESA systems
  • Interpret data quality outputs
  • Recognise how data is used for publications and onward use.

Coding manual

HE-BCI record 2019/20 coding manual

Privacy statement

The software that we use for our short-courses is provided by Easygenerator. To complete our short-courses you will need to provide some personal information (name and email address), this will allow you to take a break and return to the course in your own time. Only HESA staff will have access to your personal information, and we will only use this information to administer and monitor the use of our courses.

Please see the HESA Privacy information page for more information on how we process personal data.