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Data Capability: A call to action

In January 2016, HEDIIP analysed over one hundred responses to the Data Capability self-assessment questionnaire in a report entitled Data Capability - A call to action.

The report uses a capability maturity model to present an overview of the sector's capability at a summary maturity level and also across four key dimensions: people and culture, data activities, business process and technology.

Data Capability - maturity levels

The report presents five key findings based on the data that has been collected:

  1. The way data is perceived is not the way it is managed
  2. Data is held, managed and used in silos
  3. Data is not aligned to wider business processes
  4. Business intelligence is not supplied by trusted data
  5. Data governance is weak

It is still our firm view that with so many data-driven initiatives now emerging across the sector, the report presents a call to action to redefine the sector’s relationship with data; now is the time to develop holistic, integrated approaches that are driven by business needs and have clearly defined governance and controls in place.

Download an executive summary (*.pdf)

Download the full report (*.pdf)