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Since the range and depth of subjects available for study in higher education is not static, we regularly review JACS to ensure that it is current and comprehensive.

We have conducted major reviews of JACS twice: once to create JACS 2.0 (introduced in 2007/08) and once to create JACS 3.0 (2012/13).

In the most recent consultation, a number of subject areas were identified as needing review. The review also paid particular attention to ensuring that JACS was suitable for coding foundation degree provision. Another strand of the review investigated whether JACS could also be used to classify research.

Reviewed subject areas

The links below are to background papers setting out the detail underpinning the changes in each area:

Review of Music, Dance and Drama codes

Review of Nursing codes

Review of Emergency services codes

Review of Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology codes

Review of Mathematics and Computing codes

Review of Agriculture and Landscape design codes

Review of Languages codes

Review of Bioengineering codes

Review of Criminology codes

Review of Classics codes

Review of Complementary medicine codes

Review of Sport codes

Use of JACS for coding research