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Further information about the onward use of data category 2

All of our onward sharing activities are in addition to our provision of Open Data, Official Statistics and other statutory dissemination. 

We expect that many users will be able to fulfil their data requirements through our open data publications and we plan to expand the range and volume of data published in this way over time. However, some requirements are too complex and specific, or require additional analysis, to be fulfilled from existing open data publications.

Detailed below are examples of our previous onward sharing activities which we expect to continue in the future, and for which future data sets will only include those providers who have opted-in to category 2.

Providers that opt-out of onward use of data categories may still be required to supply similar data through freedom of information requests. Only providers that opt-in will continue to have the option to pass these requests to HESA on the basis that the data already exists and can be delivered more efficiently by HESA. 

HESA will continue to provide full supporting information to data users. This will specify which HE providers are included for each onward use, so they are fully aware of the coverage of the data they are analysing. 

Why should my provider opt-in to having its data used in category 2?

This category includes many onward uses of data that deliver benefits for students and HE providers. League tables, comparison websites and higher education guides  form part of the suite of information used by students to make informed choices about where and what to study. Graduate recruiters use HESA data to inform their recruitment processes, ensuring they can attract graduates with the right skills whilst maximising diversity and equality of opportunity.

Practical examples

Providers opting-out of category 2 are likely to no longer appear in the league tables, comparison websites and guides which rely on data sourced from HESA. If students are unable to access the full range of available information when making their study decisions, they may not make the most informed decision for their future and HE providers capable of delivering high quality courses and an excellent student experience could be overlooked.  

Graduate recruiters, who use data to inform their recruitment strategies, will no longer be able receive the data of providers opting-out of category 2. This means that graduates from these providers may be disadvantaged in recruitment activity. Graduates will want access to as many recruitment resources as possible as they look for their first job upon completion of their studies and may miss out on opportunities. 

Can I get more information before I make my final decision?

Yes, of course. Please contact our colleagues in the newly created Jisc Data Intelligence, data and analytics team: +44 (0) 1242 211 133 for more information.