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Understanding roles

Requesting a role

Once you have created an account you are able to request roles to enable you to access our systems. This is not applicable for Heidi Plus, instead please contact the Customer Success team.

To request a role go to the ‘Roles' tab in the Account details screen. In the top right hand corner you will see a link that says ‘Request a role'. This will take you to a page containing the full list of roles that can be requested and a full organisation list. Choose the role and organisation relevant to you and then press the Request button. Your request will be sent to the appropriate person within the organisation for approval.

Once your request has been approved or denied you will be sent an email notification from the system informing you of the outcome and any further action required.

Inviting colleagues to roles and responding to requests

If your account has granting rights, you are able to invite colleagues to take particular roles. You can also respond to other people's requests for roles for the Data collection system and Minerva data quality database.

To see whether you have granting rights select the ‘Roles' tab within the Account details page. Below the list of roles you hold, you will see a list of roles you have granting rights for.

To invite someone to a role, select the ‘My Orgs' tab in the top right-hand corner of the screen (this tab will only be visible if your account has granting rights).
Inviting colleagues to the HESA IDS system
On the following 'Invite' screen, you'll be able to invite someone to a specific role at a specific organisation. Until they accept the invitation, a record of the invitation will be kept in the ‘Unaccepted role invites' tab. Once they accept, this will be recorded in the ‘Confirmed roles' tabs. It is important to let colleagues know that the role invitation will expire in 14 days.

Users can also request a role from you for access to the Data Collection System or Minerva data quality database. To respond to such a request, go to the ‘Unapproved role requests' tab. This will show a full list of outstanding requests requiring action and can be filtered to narrow down your search if desired.

To grant a request, select the green tick box alongside it. The request will then disappear from this screen into the ‘Confirmed roles' tab. To refuse a request, select the red cross.

Types of role

The level of access to our systems that a user has is dictated by the roles they possess within the system. Below is a list of the roles available and the access they grant.

Data Collection Record Contact

For each data stream, the Record Contact is the first point of communication during data collection. The Record Contact is responsible for overseeing a provider's data submission process and ensuring that deadlines are met.

Record Contacts may either administer the Data Collection roles themselves or delegate this activity by granting someone the Data Collection Admin role. If administering roles themselves, Record Contacts will be expected to invite people to hold roles and to respond to colleagues' requests for roles.

Record Contacts are responsible for ensuring that people who either no longer act for your organisation or no longer have a role in the submission of data have their roles revoked.

Data Collection Admin

This role allows the administration of Data Collection roles on behalf of the provider's Record Contact. It is delegated by the Record Contact.

Data Collection Administrators control Data Collection roles for the provider. They will invite people to hold roles, and will also accept or reject role requests from colleagues.

While Data Collection Administrators can revoke roles, it is the duty of the Record Contact to ensure roles are up to date.

Data Collection Guest

This role allows colleagues to view information in the HESA Data Collection system for a given data stream. Guests will have read-only access to the system and will not be able to upload, alter or delete data.

Data Collection Query

The Query role provides a user with access to view and respond to Minerva queries for the specific data stream.

Providers are required to actively engage with data quality checking and resolution of data quality queries during the collection period.

Data Collection Submitter

The Data Collection Submitter role grants a user full access to the HESA Data Collection system in order to upload and manage data submission.

Staff Identifiers contact

This role provides instant access to the Staff Identifiers directory, without the need to contact us and await a file transfer.

This directory allows staff in Human Resources to contact the provider where new members of staff previously worked. This is used by HR teams in making the Staff return.

Our contacts directory contains the contact information for the Staff Identifiers contacts at all higher education providers. The contact details provided in the directory must only be used for this operational purpose and the information it contains must be treated as confidential.

The directory can be found in the Reports tab once you have logged in. Simply click on the link, which will generate a report of all the current Staff Identifiers contacts.

Heidi Plus Lead Contact

This role is assigned to at least two members of your organisation. A Lead Contact can assign Bronze and Silver user role access to colleagues at the same organisation using IDS. For Gold user role access this form must be completed by a Lead Contact and sent to the Customer Success team.

Lead Contacts are responsible for ensuring user access to Heidi Plus is kept up to date, and should therefore monitor and update this if staff leave the organisation or if their responsibilities change and access to Heidi Plus is no longer required. It is possible for a Lead Contact to revoke Bronze or Silver user access, however Gold user access can only be revoked upon completion of this form, which must be then sent to the Customer Success team.

Heidi Plus Bronze, Silver and Gold user roles

These roles allow access to HESA's business intelligence system - Heidi Plus. The type of user role controls permissions to user and view specific datasets contained within Heidi Plus. Please contact the Customer Success team for any information about Heidi Plus, including information about your organisation's Lead Contacts.