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Graduate Outcomes Subscription

The subscription model for Graduate Outcomes reflects the cost of delivering the service and is distributed across providers in an equitable way.

The Graduate Outcomes subscription is made up of a fixed element and a variable element. The fixed element reflects the fixed costs of the service which include things like the management of the data specification, the provider support service and the analysis and publication functions. The variable element is specific to each institution and is driven by the number of graduates that fall within the survey population for each provider.

The Graduate Outcomes subscription fee for the 2019/20 (C19071) collection has a fixed fee component per institution of £500, plus a variable element of £6 per graduate within the survey population.

Opt-in question bank costs

We offer each institution the option to select additional opt-in question banks (pre-determined supplementary questions that sit outside of the core set of survey questions). The opt-in question banks are each individually priced and depend on two factors: the opt-in bank selected and the number of students in the Graduate Outcomes population that are eligible for the question set. 

For the 2019/20 (C19071) collection, some statutory customers have chosen to mandate certain question banks for providers. These will appear as pre-selected in the provider portal and cannot be changed. Providers can have up to a total of 3 opt-in question banks, including those mandated by statutory customers.

A breakdown of each individual bank cost can be found below:

Opt-in question banks Population covered Net cost per graduate in the population VAT Total cost per graduate in the population
I - Finding a job All graduates 21p 4p 25p
J - Net Promoter Score All graduates 21p 4p 25p
K - Graduate Choice All graduates 21p 4p 25p
L - Research Students All research council graduates (as defined in the Student record) N/A – mandated  by all UK statutory customers N/A N/A
M - Newly Qualified Teachers All teacher training graduates (as defined in the Student/Student Alternative records) 38p 8p 46p
N - Careers Service All graduates 10p 2p 12p

Providers will be responsible for calculating the cost of their selected opt-in question bank(s) based off the above information and will be invoiced the cost of their selection after the opt-in bank deadline.

For Graduate Outcomes 40% of the annual fee will be invoiced for the February to July period, and 60% invoiced for the August to January period.