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Higher education providers

We use the umbrella term higher education provider (HE provider) to describe the organisations we collect data from.

These Microsoft Excel files list the HE providers subscribed to the specified data collections. Not all subscribed providers appear in the published data (for example those who submit a 'nil return' to a particular data collection. Different HE providers submit data to different data collections, and the latest published data relates to different academic years for the Unistats and Graduate Outcomes collections.

HE providers included in 2019/20 Student, Staff, Finance, HE-BCI and Estates management data

HE providers included in 2017/18 Graduate Outcomes data

HE providers included in 2020/21 Unistats data

Also in this section we have information about provider mergers and changes and the current make-up of the University of London

This page was last updated on 2021-01-27