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HESA provider metadata

The umbrella terms higher education provider (HE provider) and provider are used to describe the organisations from which HESA collects data.

Provider constituency data

HESA maintains and publishes information detailing which providers submit data for each collection (referred to as constituencies) included in HESA publications:

Provider constituency data

All providers that have ever submitted to HESA

A list of all providers and former providers that have ever submitted data to HESA since 1994:

All HESA providers

Changes and Mergers

HESA also keeps a record of name changes, mergers and demergers among providers. This page includes information about providers added or removed from HESA collections over time:

Provider changes and mergers


This page providers a record of current affiliations for HESA providers:

Provider affiliations

University of London

The University of London (UoL) is a federation of 17 member institutions. This page lists member institutions of the University which are shown separately in HESA's Official Statistics publications. This page also lists institutes within UoL itself, and higher education providers who have been a part of the UoL federation in the past but have now left.

University of London members


Provider metadata is provided as html tables displayed directly on the web pages and in machine readable files published as part of the commitment HESA has to providing 'open data'. This is intended to aid analysis of HESA's Official Statistics published data.

Please note:

  • These pages and downloads include the UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN) allocated to providers by the UK Register of Learning Providers.
  • Where a provider has not been assigned a UKPRN (for example, in the case of some medical schools which are part of a university but which submit data separately for some collections) HESA create a dummy UKPRN. These dummy UKPRNs all have 9999 as their first four digits.
  • Providers included in older HESA data before the introduction of the UKPRN may not have a UKPRN or a dummy UKPRN.